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The best religious poems selected by Dr Oliver Tearle What are the best religious poems in English literature? Share this: Tweet. Like this: Like Loading Nonny Nonny July 24, at pm. Fabulous compilation! Thank you kindly!

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  3. Four Sonatas: For Flute Solo (Kalmus Edition).

Great compilation. Leah Cohen July 24, at pm. Ernie Rea and guests discuss the enduring appeal of TS Eliot's religious poetry.

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More episodes Previous. Although he made terrible experiences within the Catholic Church his uncle was sentenced to death because of being a Jesuit and his brother was put into prison for harboring a priest , he examined his religious standpoint in early years. Beer 38f. Another religious man in the movement of those poets was, as already mentioned, George Herbert, who was a religious man, too. He grew up in a family of convinced devout Anglicans and his mother wanted him to take Holy Orders but, as well as Donne, he rather wished to get advancement in secular business like Court circles were he could not be successful.

First in , he decided to enter the Church influenced by Donne who went through the same decisions. Years later, he was ordinated deacon but because of different personal circumstances, he could not function in the way he was supposed to. After his marriage, he finally became a priest. He always wrote poems even in the service of God because he assumed his talent to be a gift Cf.

Beer 55f.

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  • Both of them were religious man who were applied in the service of God and wrote about religiosity in their poems. Consequently, the meaning of religious elements in literature has a strong impact at that time but over the years, the question of the real existence of religious, even devotional poetry has risen from different sides. Dr Jonson, for instance, described the problem in the way that it was not the fault of the poets that religious literature failed. He rather made itself the problem Cf. Esch 16 :.

    Man admitted to implore the mercy of his Creator and plead the merits of his Redeemer is already in a higher state than poetry can confer Esch He further mentions that the topics of religious poetry are faith, thanks, regret and request, which are human being conducts to the Maker and have nothing to do with poetry.

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    To declare religious feelings, there is nothing more necessary than the simplest expression, which makes it so great. Poetry would only loose its power when it is used to express something that is more perfect than itself.

    Consequently, religious poetry might not be existent Cf. Esch Others, as T. And if so, what was the reason therefore? How did they create the relation between themselves and God? To analyze the two mentioned poems, it is important to outline the content and ascertain the form and language, which might be closely linked with the question of piety in metaphysical poetry. Also crucial is the attitude of the persona to God, which can be found out with the help of the reflection of content and style in the following analysis.