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He published first a col le ction of Dissertations sur l'histoire civi le et ecc le siastique de Paris 3 vols. Remigius is thus a Realist, not so much in the sense of Plato as in the spirit of Parmenides, and Haureau applies to this form of Realism Bay le 's description of Realism in general as " le Spinosisme non developpe. In the last year of his life he became acquainted with Mesmer, and published a Le ttre sur le magnetisme animal.

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Tourneux, Marie Antoinette devant lhistoire: Essai bibliographique 2nd ed. Kuhne, Ceux dont on ignore le martyre and Le s Bulgares peints par euxmemes ; F. Cuvier's His classification as finally elaborated in Le Regne classifi- cation. Lagarde, ; b the old Latin, which as revised by Jerome in after the current Greek text forms the Psalterium romanum, long read in the Roman Church and still used in St Peter's; c various Arabic versions, including that printed in the polyglots of Le Jay and Walton, and two others of the four exhibited together in Lagarde's Psalterium, Job, Proverbia, arabice, ; on the relations and history of these versions see G.

Labourt, Le Christianisme dans l'empire Perse Paris, , chaps. Kugener, La Compilation historique de pseudo-Zacharie le Rheteur Paris, , this identification is a mistake. To the following year belongs his Digression sur le s anciens et le s modernes, in which he took the modern side in the controversy then raging; his Doutes sur le systeme physique des causes occasionnel le s against Ma le branche appeared shortly afterwards. The king of Navarre had succeeded in escaping from prison and had entered Paris, where his party was in the ascendant; and Robert le Coq became the most powerful person in his council.

The scheme, in the main the work of Sieyes, was refused by the Convention, who submitted the who le question to a special commission of six, which under the influence of Robespierre adopted a report by Michel le Pe le tier de Saint Fargeau shortly before his tragic death. Joubert 3 applies to him the words; " Le miel attique est sur ses le vres; on croirait aisement qu'il naquit sur le mont Hymette.

In appeared Martin's French translation of Vitruvius, the illustrations of which were due, the translator tells us in his "Dedication to the King," to Goujon, "nagueres architecte de Monseigneur le Connetab le , et maintenant un des votres. This and other additions are attributed to Hugh le Despenser The form in which certain of the references to him are couched favours the above view; the compi le r of Guiron le Cortois says in his prologue that "maistre Gautier Map qui fu c le rs au roi Henrydevisa cil l'estoire de monseigneur Lancelot du Lac, que d'autre chose ne parla it mie gramment en son livre"; and in another place he refers to Map, "qui fit lou pro pre livre de monsoingnour Lancelot dou Lac.

The best of them, and the best thing that Lamartine ever did, is the famous Lac, describing his return to the litt le mountain tarn of Le Bourget after the death of his mistress, with whom he had visited it in other days. On the characteristics of the poet as a who le , C. Martha's Le Poeme de Lucrece 4th ed. Favre, , and Char le s le Simp le by Eckel, In collaboration with his pupil Andre Revil le , he wrote the chapters on "L'Emancipation des vil le s, le s communes et le s bourgeoisies" and " Le Commerce et l'industrie au moyen age" for the Histoire generate of Lavisse and Rambaud.

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Some are said to maintain that it was an abbreviation of a childish nickname, " le petit volontaire. The balance of opinion has, however, always inclined to the hypothesis of an anagram on the name "Arouet le jeune," or "Arouet 1. If the English visit may be regarded as having finished 1 Gabriel le Emilie Le Tonnelier de Breteuil, marquise du Chate le t , was the daughter of the baron de Breteuil, and married the marquis du Chate le t-Lomont in He was soon again in troub le , this time for the poem of Le Mondain, and he at once crossed the frontier and then made for Brussels.

The chief and most galling of his critics at this time was the Abbe Desfontaines, and the chief of Desfontaines's attacks was entit le d La Voltairomanie, in reply to a libel of Voltaire's cal le d Le Preservatif. See P. Pelicier, Essai sur le gouvernement de la Dame de Beaujeu Chartres, He could not avert the mistaken policy which le d to the rout at Le Mans, and was finally shot in an obscure skirmish at Nouail le on the 4th of March Bishop Stubbs in his Introduction to the Historical Works of Ralph de Diceto writes: " St Paul's stood at the head of the religious life of London, and by its side, at some considerab le interval, however, St Martin's le Grand , St Bartholomew's, Smithfield and the great and ancient foundation of Trinity, Aldgate " 1 r There is only one instance in the city records of a sheriff of Midd le sex being mentioned as distinct from the sheriffs, and this was in when Anketin de Bettevil le and Walter le Blond are described as sheriffs of London, and Gerin as sheriff of Midd le sex.

Another historic part fil le d by Amyraut was in the negotiations originated by Pierre le Gouz de la Berchere , first president of the par le ment of Grenob le , when exi le d to Saumur, for a reconciliation and reunion of the Catholics of France with the French Protestants. Loria's studies, Le Scienze esatte nell' antica Grecia, especially libro iii. In window glass, probably crown-glass, was made at Beza le Foret in the department of the Eure.

In these works were in the hands of Robin and Le ban Guichard, but passed subsequently to the Le Vaillants. This field has been identified, and pieces of crucib le and fragments of glass have been dug up. There is another deed, dated , which mentions one William " le verir " of Chiddingfold.

Ath is also well known in Hainaut for its annual fete cal le d le jour de ducasse - ducasse being the Walloon word for kermesse fete. They are: Vie de Lazare Hoche 2 vols. Thonissen, L'Organisation judiciaire, le droit penal et la procedure de la loi salique 2nd ed. The queen, Marie Antoinette, was especially attracted by the grace and wit of le beau Fersen, who had inherited his full share of the striking handsomeness which was hereditary in the family. He adopted the new ideas, and in a pamph le t entit le d Le Bon Sens attacked feudal privi le ges; he also submitted to the Constituent Assembly a scheme for the reorganization of the navy, but it was not accepted.

See Kersaint's own works, Le Bon Sens ; the Rubicon ; Considerations sur la force publique et l'institution des gardes nationa le s ; Le ttre a Mirabeau ; Moyens presentes a l'Assemb le e nationa le pour retablir la paix et l'ordre dans le s colonies; also E. Examp le s of his attempted historical writing are Histoire du siec le d'A le xandre le Grand Amsterdam, , and Histoire impartia le des Jesuites Madrid, , the latter condemned to be burned.

His best le gal treatise is Memoire pour le comte de Morangies Paris, ; Linguet's imprisonment in the Bastil le afforded him the opportunity of writing his Memoires sur la Bastil le , first published in London in ; it has been translated into English Dublin, , and Edinburgh, , and is the best of his works, though untrustworthy. Sciout, Le Directoire 4 vols. Campardon, Le Tribunal revolutionnaire de Paris Paris, 2nd ed. Le notre, Le Tribunal revolutionnaire Flach, Le s Origines de l'ancienne France ; Paul Viol le t, Drat public: Histoires des institutions politiques et administratives de la France ; and Henri See, Le s classes rura le s et le regime domanial His first important work was an Etude sur le ro le de l'accent latin dans la langue francaise In addition to other medical works he published anonymously Conjectures sur le s memoires originaux dont it parait que Moyse s'est servi pour composer le livre de la Genese, , in which he pointed out that two main sources can be traced in the book of Genesis; and two dissertations on the immateriality and immortality of the soul,.

Renoz, Le Perou Bruxel le s, : G. In the Le Bel-Henninger form a series of bulbs are connected consecutively by means of syphon tubes b and having platinum gauzes a at the constrictions, so that when a certain amount of liquid col le cts in any one bulb it syphons over into the next lower bulb. The pear-shaped form is the most effective, second in order is the Le Bel-Henninger, which, in turn, is better than the Glynsky.

Lagrange realized its powers and termed it " le principal fondement du calcul erentiel. Masson, Le Departement des affaires etrangeres pendant la revolution, , ch. Husband and wife met again in , and the queen long survived the king, residing chiefly at Le Mans. A litt le money was earned by an occasional artic le in Le Producteur, in which he began to expound the philosophic ideas that were now maturing in his mind.

Litta, Le Famiglie ce le bri Italiane, vol. The rood of Bromholm was a reputed fragment of the Cross which attracted many pilgrims. To the south of North Walsham is North Walsham Heath, whither in June a body of insurgents in connexion with the Peasants' Revolt were driven from before Norwich by Henry le Despenser, bishop of Norwich, and defeated; after which their le ader, Geoffrey Lister, and others were sent to the scaffold.

Of the innumerab le secondary authorities, see especially Paulin Paris,E tudes sur le regnede Francois IeT Paris, , in which the apologetic tendency is excessive; and H. Menault, Le s Vil le s Neuves, le ur origine et le ur influence dans le mouvement communal Paris, ; Curie-Seimbres, Essai sur le s vil le s fondees dans le sud-ouest de la France sous le nom de bastides Toulouse, But his stubborn enforcement of the law won him the applause of the peop le , who cal le d him familiarly le petit pere.

Later magazines were L'Echo du cabinet du le cture paroissial Montreal, 18 59 , 15 vols. Louis Auguste de Bourbon, sovereign prince of Dombes, having transferred his parliament to Trevoux, set up a printing press, and was persuaded by two Jesuits, Michel le Tellier and Philippe Lal le man, to establish the Me-moires pour servir d l'histoire des sciences et des arts , more familiarly known as the Journal des Trevoux, long the best-informed and best-written journal in France.

Physics and Chemistry. Science General. Among current periodicals in French are the following - Bibliography: Bul le tin bibliographique et pedagogique du musee belge ; La Revue des bibliotheques et archives de Belgique ; Le Glaneur litteraire, musical et bibliographic ; Archives des arts et de la bibliographic de Belgique Tab le sand 18 Science: Archives internationa le s de physiologic , published by Le on Fredericq; La Cellu le , recueil de cytologic et d'histologie genera le ; Le Museon ; Le Mouvement geographique ; Le Musee belge Revue chirurgica le belge et du nord de la France Capitaine, Recherches sur le s journaux et le s ecrits periodiques liegeois ; Re le ve de tous le s ecrits periodiques qui se publient dans le royaume de Belgique ; Catalogue des journaux, revues, et publications periodiques de la Belgique ; Revue bibliographique belge.

Le Spectateur de l'Orient, in French, p le aded the national cause before Europe for three years from Bel le t, " Le dessechement du Zuiderzee," Rev. Chenier's influence has been specially remarkab le in Russia, where Pushkin imitated him, Kogloff translated La Jeune Captive, La jeune Tarentine and other famous pieces, whi le the critic Vesselovsky pronounces "Il a retabli le lyrisme pur dans la poesie frangaise. Entering the army at seventeen, he le ft it two years afterwards; and at nineteen he produced Azemire, a two-act drama acted in , and Edgar, ou le page suppose, a comedy acted in , which were failures.

See the euvres comp le tes de Joseph Chenier 8 vols. Of the numerous subsequent editions, probably the best was that of Foesius Frankfort, 1 , , Geneva, , until the publication of the great works of Littre, Ouvres comp le tes d'Hippocrate, traduction nouvel le avec le texte grec en regard, collationnee sur le s manuscrits et toutes le s editions, accompagnee d'une introduction, de commentaires medicaux, de variantes, et de notes philologiques 10 vols.

Ranson, Le Bondou: etude de geographie et d'histoire soudaniennes de z a nos jours Bordeaux, After serving as instructor in mathematics to the young prince Louis, he took part with credit in the expedition into Holland, and was given the order Pour le merite. Klimas, Lietuva, j os gyventojai it sienos ; P. Alfred Maury, Le s Reves et le sommeil.

Vil le le , who before the promulgation of the charter had written some Observations sur le projet de constitution opposing it, as too democratic in character, naturally took his place on the extreme right with the ultra-royalists.

Aïe Aïe Aïe !

I, ; Stroelin, Essai sur le montanisme ;? His first Salon picture, "Ham le t et le Roi," was hung in , and he became at once one of the recognized modern masters in France. That he was such he denied more than once Le mire, Le Cardinal Manning et son action socia le , Paris, , p. The Apologie ou defence du tres illustre Prince Guillaume contre le ban et l'edit du roi d'Espagne Le iden, is sometimes attributed to Languet. Lord Ash le y now retired into Holland, where he became acquainted with Le C le rc, Bay le , Benjamin Furly, the English Quaker merchant, at whose house Locke had resided during his stay at Rotterdam, and probably Limborch and the rest of the literary circ le of which Locke had been a cherished and honoured member nine or ten years before.

Fcrster in , and again in an enlarged form in ; three le tters, written respectively to Stringer, Lord Oxford and Lord Godolphin, which appeared, for the first time, in the General Dictionary; and lastly a le tter to Le C le rc, in his recol le ctions of Locke, first published in Notes and Queries, Feb.

No sooner had the Characteristics appeared than they were welcomed, in terms of warm commendation, by Le C le rc and Le ibnitz. In Diderot adapted or reproduced the Inquiry concerning Virtue in what was afterwards known as his Essai sur le Merite et la Vertu.

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Le Marchant, in , the nominal ru le of military governors was re-established, but the civil administration was largely confided to Sir Victor Houlton as chief secretary, whilst the real power began to be concentrated in the hands of Sir A. Le Marchant, and considerab le municipal improvements and embellishments were comp le ted. The first objective assigned to be captured by the divisions in line included the Hindenburg system on both banks of the canal and the Hindenburg reserve line a mi le to the E.

Corps to c le ar Gouy and Le Cate le t. Corps on the le ft established itself in Gouy and Le Cate le t by midday, and though a strong hosti le counter-attack recovered the former village for a time the ground lost was regained before the nightfall. It seems to have been cal le d Le Maschere. Flach, Le Compagnonnage dans le s chansons de geste Paris, According to Berte aus grans pies, in the 13th-century remaniement of the Brabantine trouvere Adenes le Rois, Char le magne was the son of Pippin and of Berte, the daughter of Flore and Blanchef le ur, king and queen of Hungary.

The le gend probably originated in a desire to authenticate the relics in the abbey of Saint Denis, supposed to have been brought to Aix by Char le magne, and is preserved in a 12th-century romance, Le Voyage de Char le magne a Jerusa le m et a Constantinop le. After the conquest of the Saracens and the Saxons, the defeat of the Northmen, and the suppression of the feudal revolts, the emperor abdicated in favour of his son Louis Le Couronnement Looys, 12th century. La Conqueste que fit le grand roi Char le maigne es Espaignes pr. The Cena de le Ceneri, or Ash Wednesday conversation, devoted to an exposition of the Copernican theory, was printed in See also Correspondance entre le comte de Mirabeau et le comte de la March, , recueillie The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.

They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. Home Sentences le. German soldiers in a railway goods wagon on the way to the front in Early in the war, all sides expected the conflict to be a short one. French bayonet charge, Battle of the Frontiers ; by the end of August, French casualties exceeded ,, including 75, dead.

Fnac in Porto Portugal. Fnac in Plaza de Callao , Madrid , Spain.

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Fnac head office, 16 quai Marcel Boyer, Ivry-sur-Seine. Place Romain-Gary, located in Paris' 15th arrondissement.

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Several Romain Gary works in Bulgarian translations. He developed a new style of writing that modernized French literature. It was founded by the French writer and publisher Edmond de Goncourt.